Alisha Shipley at the CAD/CAM mill

Groundbreaking Technology!

I have been in dentistry for more than 25 years, and I am excited to share with you one of the most exciting new innovations, Same Day Crowns and Onlays!

Welcome to the new age of Dentistry!  We have cutting-edge dental technology that allows us to provide you with a new ceramic crown or onlay in one, single office appointment.  Right here in our Encino, California office.

Think about that.  Up until now, you would come in for impressions, which would then be sent out to a lab.  You would be fitted with a temporary, which you would wear for several weeks until your next appointment. You would not be able to eat on that side of your mouth.  Then, at that follow-up visit, you would finally have your permanent crown or onlay in place.

With our new E4D technology we can scan your tooth, design the crown or onlay, and then create it right here in our dental office.  We perform any necessary adjustments, cement it in place and send you on your way, with your permanent restoration completed, start to finish, in a single visit.  There are no temporaries, and  no additional follow-up appointments needed.  These new, state-of-the-art crowns and onlays are all ceramic, so there is no need for any metal and no black line around your gums.  They look and feel just like your own tooth!

This new technology is truly groundbreaking, and we would be happy to demonstrate it for you at your next visit.  Give us a call at (818) 789-6789, or email to make an appointment today!