Patient Room View 3-Daniel N. Galaif, D.D.S.-Encino Dentist

Sedation at our Office

Are you afraid to go to the Dentist?  Do you have some anxiety about your dental visits?  Are you tired of having to make multiple dental visits to complete one course of treatment?  Our office is using new technology along with sedation dentistry, so you can now have all your dental needs addressed and completed in one visit.  You can also be asleep, and experience no discomfort at all.

Let me tell you about a recent case in our Encino, California office where we completed porcelain onlays and fillings for one patient all in one visit, all done at the same time while the patient was completely sedated.  Here is a video of this exciting day in our office:

With an anesthesiologist present, we pre-scanned all of the teeth, then we prepped the teeth and did a post scan of them.  At that point we were able to design and mill the onlays, then we placed them in the patient’s mouth to ensure a perfect fit.  Next it was time to add customized shading to onlays, and after they were stained, glazed, and fired, we completed the cementation.  All of this was done in one single office visit, and the patient was sedated and comfortable the entire time.  The patient did not need to have any temporaries, and will not need to return to our office for another visit to have us cement the final restoration

We have an anesthesiologist present in the office, so your comfort and safety is the highest priority.  All the dental work is metal free, and the onlays look and feel like real teeth.

Our technology is state-of-the-art, and we would be happy to demonstrate it for you at your next visit.  Give us a call at (818) 789-6789, or email to make an appointment today!